Learning About Using Reinforced Concrete

Of course I knew that it was going to be a really tough sled when I decided to study civil engineering, but there was even more to it than I expected when I got started. Math is at the cornerstone of every little thing that you need to learn, but you have to understand a lot of physics and everything about the properties of materials. At the moment I am studying the ACI Code, or the American Concrete Institute code. Working in reinforced concrete is a key element of most types of civil engineering. It is a very strong material which is relatively cheap, but there is a lot more to using it than you would expect from looking at some highway bridge for example. You have to understand the application and the stresses that are going to be working against you. Continue reading Learning About Using Reinforced Concrete

Some Insights About Today’s Farming Versus How Great Grandad Did It

My great grandfather used plow horses and oxen to prepare the ground for planting. He was successful at farming and bought up a lot of the surrounding land to farm as the technology of farming advanced. My grandfather and father did the same. However, they used various mechanized equipment to farm. I run the farm now and have millions of dollars worth of equipment and operate on a thin profit margin. My great grandfather could not plant a quarter of the land we now have if he plowed year round. Funny thing, but needing OEM agriculture equipment rubber seals is what got me thinking about my ancestors and this farm.

My great grandfather walked every inch of the land he plowed holding a handheld plow blade that was pulled by animals. That was when he was a boy. He got his first tractor when he was my age. He worked in the heat of the day, and I sit in a giant combine that has air conditioning and GPS-driven navigation. Continue reading Some Insights About Today’s Farming Versus How Great Grandad Did It

A Scope Cover for My Husband

My husband does not hunt, but he still loves his guns. He has said so many times through the years that if he was going to go out and shoot animals, it was going to be with his camera instead of one of his guns. I love that about him, which is why I don’t mind that he has a huge gun collection. This includes guns and accessories, and I am always trying to find something to surprise him with from time to time. When I saw some Butler Creek scope covers, I had a feeling he was going to really like them.

They had different kinds, including different kinds of camo as well as a sleek black scope cover. I really liked one of the camo scope covers a lot more than the others, mainly because it had darker greens on it. While hunters may like this one more because it would camo them even more, I just liked it because the green shades were much nicer than the one that had more brown than green. Continue reading A Scope Cover for My Husband