College Has Been Pretty Awesome So Far

I have been doing fairly well in school, although my efforts to find a girlfriend have not gone nearly so well as I would like. It is certainly a lot more fun than doing tree removal in Asheville like I did last summer. I have been really busy with class work though and it seems like all the girls I meet are totally focused on doing well here. I managed to make some money last week playing poker on two betting sites. I was playing games in both sites at the same time, trying this trick that this guy was teaching me where you make money just by staying in the game. However I kept getting good hands and I noticed that the people I was playing with were doing wild things, just taking ridiculous chances. Of course most people look at poker as gambling and up to a point it is, but it is about skill and knowing the odds. That is why a lot of people are really good at it and most other people are somewhere else.

I was really happy to get a good roommate here in the dorm. A friend of mine got this guy who literally frightens him with his strange behavior. It is like sleeping in the same room with someone who looks like a serial killer in the making. The guy I am sharing my room with has very few issues, the big one is that he often reeks of beer in the morning. He does not go out drinking every night, just on the weekends when he does not have to get up to go to class. However he seems to drink a great deal. Some times he does not come home. I am sure that he has a good fake ID, but I have no clue how he has the money to drink in bars when he seems to be perpetually broke.

A Shower Door to Suit Your Fancy

Distinctive and decorative shower doors can take your bathroom from plain to elegant. The simple standard shower enclosure installed by most builders are non-descript and are only designed to serve a functional purpose. Homeowners that are looking to make a design statement know that for shower doors in Somerset County NJ, they have a one stop company to shop for all their shower door and mirror needs at Vlad’s Mirror and Glass LLC. Known throughout New Jersey for having the widest selection of custom shower doors, bathtub enclosures, custom mirrors and other glass products, Vlad’s is ready to serve all your glass product needs.

Vlad’s Mirror and Glass is ready to assist you in designing the shower or bathtub enclosure whether you need a replacement for a remodeling project or if you are in a new construction project and want a custom installation. Vlad’s has experience in installing, replacing or repairing every type of shower door enclosure and specialize in complex custom installations that other companies just do not have the expertise to handle. The professional staff at Vlad’s will assist you in selecting a design that matches what you have pictured in your mind, providing high quality materials at an affordable cost. Vlad’s Mirror and Glass LLC, has experience in all types of shower doors and enclosures whether it be in the user-friendly framed shower enclosures, the beautiful and functional frameless shower enclosures, the elegant bi-fold shower doors, pivot shower doors or the magnificent walk-in shower doors that will dazzle everyone with their eye pleasing looks. In addition, Vlad’s has every type of different glass product for your shower enclosure whether it be clear glass, low iron glass which provides a clear view without any of the tint of other products, frosted glass, tinted glass, rain glass which has different textures in the design.

No matter what your individual likes or needs might be there is a shower door, or tub enclosure at Vlad’s that will complete the design you have in mind.

It’s a Great Thing That There Are Businesses Open Late at Night to Help with Mishaps

I was pretty pleased that my husband and I got through the pandemic without any major issues occurring in our home. However, as soon as our city began opening up again, we suddenly found ourselves needing an emergency plumber in Essex County NJ late one night. I was incredibly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find anyone who could show up to because so many businesses had just opened up again and were short-staffed. However, on the night that I called for help, a kind man answered the phone at the very first plumbing business that I called. I felt an instant sigh of relief when he said the name of the business and asked me how he could be of service to me.

I’ve never had any plumbing issues before. However, I am a new stepmother with a three year old toddler who loves to keep busy by destroying things. He is the sweetest little boy, but he loves to draw on walls, break things and put things where they don’t belong in ways that cause accidents and other major issues. I learned that he loves to put things into the toilet and then flush to see what would happen to everything he places in the toilet. My husband and I had been very lucky to catch things quickly when my stepson had done it multiple times previously, but our luck ran out when we didn’t find out that he did it until right before we were settling in for bed one evening.

The man who answered the phone that night was the owner of the business. After explaining that our toilet was overflowing and filled with small children’s toys, he said he would be happy to help and said he would show up within an hour. After he arrived, it only took him a short time to remedy the issue and he even gave us a discount on the service he provided, too.