A Nice Apartment in a Great Neighborhood

I started looking at apartments for rent in Daytona Beach Florida as soon as I found out my husband was in the running to be a manager at a new distribution center opening up there. We were both pretty sure he was going to get it, and we knew that we were going to have to act quickly if he was hired for it. We had decided that we would look at apartments only until we got a feel for the area. We could then decide if we wanted to make the jump from living in an apartment to becoming homeowners there.

We have two daughters, so I wanted to make sure that the apartments that we looked at were upscale. This is not because we are snobs. We are the most down to earth people around! Rather, it is because our daughters are everything to us, and we wanted them to live in a safe neighborhood and attend a school district that is better than the ones around it. It did not take me long to figure out which area that would be, so I started looking at apartments there.

I found a really nice three bedroom place at The Estates of Countryside Apartments. We definitely need three bedrooms so the girls can have their privacy, so I was happy to see that there were two floor plans there. We showed both to the girls to see if they had a preference, and they really liked the one where their rooms and bathroom were on one side, and ours was on the other. Their small streak of independence even before they were teens made me smile! When my husband was offered the position, it did not take us long to make the proper arrangements to rent the apartment we had all picked out.