A Place of My Own

When young men enter the age of adulthood, they crave independence. I was no exception to the rule. On my 21st birthday, I wanted to start my life as a strong man. I saw other men my age making power moves and moving up in the world. Unfortunately, I was not making the same process. I knew that I would not grow as a person if I lived with my parents forever. I looked for apartments in Jacksonville Fl. I needed a place to call my own.

I love my parents dearly. They have done so much for me. I am will forever be grateful for the sacrifices they have made for me. They kept food on my table and clothes on my back, even though I did not always appreciate it. My parents had a tendency to be a bit overprotective at times in my life. I think this caused me to miss out on very important times in my life. When I turned thirty, I thought that the routine was played out. As long as I lived under my parents’ roof, I would have to abide by their rules.

Another reason that I wanted my own place was because my social life was on the rocks. Most of my friends had places of their own. They were able to entertain their friends and girlfriends anytime they wanted. I was hard for me to have a relationship with a woman while still living with my parents. It was very awkward. Most women preferred men with their own place.

I found the perfect apartment. It is spacious and has everything that I want in a pad. I am finally my own man. I now have the independence that I once craved in the past. I am no longer dependent on my parents for my basic survival.