A Scope Cover for My Husband

My husband does not hunt, but he still loves his guns. He has said so many times through the years that if he was going to go out and shoot animals, it was going to be with his camera instead of one of his guns. I love that about him, which is why I don’t mind that he has a huge gun collection. This includes guns and accessories, and I am always trying to find something to surprise him with from time to time. When I saw some Butler Creek scope covers, I had a feeling he was going to really like them.

They had different kinds, including different kinds of camo as well as a sleek black scope cover. I really liked one of the camo scope covers a lot more than the others, mainly because it had darker greens on it. While hunters may like this one more because it would camo them even more, I just liked it because the green shades were much nicer than the one that had more brown than green. I knew that my husband would want more than just color though for a basis of buying it.

That is why I wanted to make sure that this was truly the best one available. It is made of rubber backed neoprene and the cap that he flips up is also made of neoprene. It is very simple to put on and take off, and he doesn’t even have to take the scope off of his gun to do it. It is not made with plastic either, which is something that he would definitely appreciate. When I ordered it, I knew that I could return it if he did not like it. That wasn’t even an option when he opened the box though. He said that it was exactly the one that he would have ordered as well.