A Tree Fell Across Our Driveway

When my daughters and I went shopping a few weeks ago, it was a really good day until we got home. I am not sure who was more surprised when we could not go up the full length of the driveway because a tree had fallen right in the middle of it. I pulled over into the grass and we walked up to the house, and my oldest son told us that there was a small storm that caused a lot of damage. He had already contacted a tree service in Long Island because he knew that we would need to get it removed from the driveway as soon as possible.

I was so grateful that he had taken these steps already because I would not have known who to call. He had looked online and found a reputable tree service company, and they were due there the next morning to look at the tree and see what needed to be done. I was surprised that they were able to come so quickly because I had heard there was a lot of damage to other homes in the area as well.

When they came out the next morning, they had all the equipment with them that they would need. They were able to cut up the tree in the driveway and put it through their chipper, and then they took down the rest of the tree. I thought that they would end up leaving the stump, but they took the entire tree down. I was so thankful for this too. I just did not want to have a stump next to my driveway. The price was reasonable, and they were very quick with their work. I even talked to one about some of the trees out back, and they are coming back next week to take a look at them so they can be pruned.