Best Clip on Ponytail Hair Extensions

I really kind of like having short hair, but not all of the time. Sometimes it bums me out, and it really depends on how I am feeling, and what I want to wear that day, as to how I feel about having short hair. I used to have quite long hair, and I had grown it out for years before deciding to have almost all of it chopped off. So I am trying to shop for ponytail extensions from human hair online to see if I can find one that is a good match for my hair color, thickness, and the texture of my hair. I guess texture might not be the best word for what I am thinking of, but it will have to do. Basically I just want to get the ponytail hair extension that will most closely match my hair as possible.

When I decided to cut my hair really short, it was kind of a crazy spur of the moment decision that I regret a lot of the time. But at the same time, I really do have mixed feelings about it, because sometimes I really do enjoy having short hair and being able to do different hairstyles that are only available to people who have short hair. But how I want to wear my hair can change back and forth from day to day, which is a real pain in the butt. So I was thinking to myself, that if I were to buy a ponytail hair extension, that was easy to put in, and also to remove, then I would be able to pick and choose between long or short hair on a daily basis. That seems like it would work best for me, so hopefully I can find one that is a really close match for my hair.