Cleaning His Condo While He is Grieving

When my aunt died, we all tried to convince my uncle to move in with one of us. I am pretty close to him. I knew that when he said no to me, that he would say no to everyone. We knew that he was going to have a rough time of it for a while because they were so much in love, so we made sure that one of us visited him at least once every couple of days. I also did a search online for professional cleaning services for Singapore because I knew that my uncle had probably never once cleaned their entire condo on his own.

His grief was deep, and I knew that cleaning was the last thought on his mind. If we left it up to him, he would just wallow in his grief and isolate himself from all of us. I didn’t even ask his permission to hire the cleaning company. I knew that he would be okay with it if I told him about it, so I figured that was good enough. The first time that the cleaning person was there, I made sure that my uncle was not.

I took him out to dinner with two of my cousins, then we went back to his house about three hours later. He was really surprised to see the transformation. It was not like he had stuff laying all around, but he hadn’t bothered with dusting or any other household chores like that either. He agreed that it would be nice to have someone come in once a week to do that for him, and he is extremely appreciative that the condo is being kept up how my aunt would want it. I know this is a process, mainly because we are all grieving her not being here. I am just glad that I can do this to help make his time here easier however I can.