College Has Been Pretty Awesome So Far

I have been doing fairly well in school, although my efforts to find a girlfriend have not gone nearly so well as I would like. It is certainly a lot more fun than doing tree removal in Asheville like I did last summer. I have been really busy with class work though and it seems like all the girls I meet are totally focused on doing well here. I managed to make some money last week playing poker on two betting sites. I was playing games in both sites at the same time, trying this trick that this guy was teaching me where you make money just by staying in the game. However I kept getting good hands and I noticed that the people I was playing with were doing wild things, just taking ridiculous chances. Of course most people look at poker as gambling and up to a point it is, but it is about skill and knowing the odds. That is why a lot of people are really good at it and most other people are somewhere else.

I was really happy to get a good roommate here in the dorm. A friend of mine got this guy who literally frightens him with his strange behavior. It is like sleeping in the same room with someone who looks like a serial killer in the making. The guy I am sharing my room with has very few issues, the big one is that he often reeks of beer in the morning. He does not go out drinking every night, just on the weekends when he does not have to get up to go to class. However he seems to drink a great deal. Some times he does not come home. I am sure that he has a good fake ID, but I have no clue how he has the money to drink in bars when he seems to be perpetually broke.