Divorce Attorney Located in Gwinnett County

It is really depressing that it has come to this, but I do not think that I have any other choice but to file for divorce from my wife. My sanity is at risk, and I have been trying to deal with her behavior for years. But after a certain point, you can’t take anymore. I have reached that point, and I have been snapping and yelling at her on a frequent basis recently. I need to hire a Gwinnett county divorce lawyer that will be able to help me to initiate the process of getting divorced from my wife, and help to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

I am really worried about some of the legal and financial issues that are associated with a divorce, and so even though I know that we really need to get divorced, I am very nervous about all of this. I really hope that the situation will not be as bad as I think it might, at least from a financial perspective. But I guess it does not matter ultimately, because even if she takes most of my money in the divorce, it is going to be a lot better outcome than staying with her, and completely losing my mind. It is hard to figure out how I fell in love with her in the first place, because I know I don’t love her now. I haven’t in years, and I don’t remember the last time I did think I was in love with her.

But I guess I have held on and tried to make things work for the past several years, just because I was kind of scared by the thought of divorce. I don’t care anymore though, I am just pushed past my breaking point, and there is no way we can stay together.