Eastern Medicine Has Its Place

My step mom’s cancer went from a stage 2C to stage four, meaning that it was in her lymph nodes and that she was not going to have a lot of time left to live. We decided to go with a chemo treatment that was going to try to cut down the cancer from spreading but we were not sure if it was going to work, my step mom has always liked alternative therapy so we decided that she was going to try singapore tcm so that we could see if some of the Eastern medicine that has been around for centuries could actually do something for her. We were so happy when we found out that there was a company nearby that could make soup that was used in the Eastern part of the world and the ingredients were actually used to help people cure cancer. I thought that it was a lot of great hope in there for her since she was trying to be positive.

A lot of the women that she was getting chemo with were also very happy and excited to be able to try this soup. I bought enough for everyone on the floor that day and we all said a prayer. We had a Chinese medicine woman come in to give a blessing to all of those that were in the room that day and we actually shared a lot of hope and laughs together. I try to bring her to chemo every single day and I thought that it would be great if I could bring her a little sense of hope. Too many people are saying that they do not have a lot of things to do with medicine but I think that if they really try, they can try new things.