Finding Luxury Apartments in Jacksonville FL That Are Affordable Was Easy

I was used to a nice little neighborhood growing up. We lived on a street that looped around the homes and back out to the main road. There was so little traffic that we played in the street. My wife was actually my neighbor growing up. When we got married we searched for luxury apartments in Jacksonville FL. We wanted to live in the same type of community we were used to. We were just getting started, so we had to keep our rent in mind even though we wanted a little luxury. We found a nice place at Pelican Pointe and signed a lease right away.

We drove through the apartment plan and it reminded us of home. The streets circle around and there is a cul de sac turnaround on each end. The apartments are low-lying duplex home apartments. This is not a big square building. This is like having your own home on a nice piece of property. We like the fenced patio and the floor plan of our place. We also like not having to pay for all kinds of stuff that we will not use. There is no swimming pool or room filled with treadmills. We do not need a fitness center that we would not use anyway.

Lots of properties now have these community spaces that kick up the rent costs. Who uses that stuff anyway? We work and want to come home and relax in a nice place. This is what we got when we were looking for luxury apartments in Jacksonville FL. The savings on the monthly rent makes me smile every time I pay it. We never thought we would be able to get a place like this at such and affordable rent. We plan on staying here for a long time. We are very comfortable.