He is Going to Love His Plaque

My husband is the worship leader at our church, and the youth choir wanted to get him a special gift for all the work he had put into their special Sunday performance. I knew that he would not want them spending a lot of money on him, but I still wanted to help them find the perfect gift for him that would not be expensive. I did a search for unique gift for music fan because he lives and breathes music, so I was hoping to find something that would always make him think of this particular group when he saw it.

As soon as I saw the plaque, I knew that it would be perfect for so many reasons. First, it is done in the color that he likes best. Also, it is just the right size. He would be able to either put it on his desk or hang it on the wall. The main reason I knew he would like it though is because it has one of the instruments that he plays right in the middle of the word, love. He breathes this word too, and tries to teach the children through music and scripture that love will never lead them wrong.

When I showed it to the six kids who wanted to get him a gift, they all knew it was the perfect one too. Everything about that music plaque just reminded all of us of my husband and their music mentor. I knew that it was the type of gift that would be a sentimental reminder of a great group of kids, and he would not feel bad about accepting it either, since they decided to use their own money to buy it rather than take up my offer to get it for them. I cannot wait until he sees it next Sunday when they present it to him!