He Went from Mediocre Grades to Great Ones

When I was called in for a conference at my son’s school, I was surprised. He is a good student for the most part, so this was something that just did not happen. It was because of his grade in his physics class. It was not a horrible grade, but it was not good for him. I talked with his physics teacher about what could be happening, and she said that he could really benefit from Singapore physics tuition classwork. She had a particular tutor she had in mind, and I was very thankful for that.

I knew that she had his best interest at heart, and I was just very relieved that she took the time to look at different tutors that could help him. She further explained that he was not doing bad, but he was falling behind the other students. While it was not critical at that point, she was concerned that if the trend continued then he would be too far behind to get any benefit from the classroom time there. She also explained about the tutor and why she was recommending that particular one, and every reason she gave was very sound.

I talked to my son when we both got home, and he agreed that he could really use this extra coursework. I was happy that he wanted to go, especially because it would cut into his very active social life. He understands the benefits of education though, and I realized I was not giving him enough credit. He wants to do well, and he put in the work to make sure he was going to get the best grade he possibly could. Mr. Chee, his tutor, was able to take him from a mediocre student to one who is at the top of the class now.