How Hard is to Make an App

I got to thinking about this the other night. A friend of mine was over at the house and we were playing video games. He had this idea for an app and I have to admit that it seemed like something that might work. Of course I do not really know that much about mobile apps development in the pure sense of the word. It is not something I have thought too much about, but it really sounds like a great way to make money when you do ponder it. Obviously it would be great if you could build something that everyone would want to use and give you five or ten dollars in return. This idea was not that big though, it was not something that every person in the world would have any use for. In fact it would be something which would appeal to a niche market, people who play a particular video game on the web. I am still in school and I have taken a couple of introductory Comp Sci classes, but none of them had nothing at all to do with mobile devices. In hindsight it seems obvious that this is something I would want to be able to grasp. You would realize after a bit of home work that smart phones and mobile devices are where things are headed in the field of technology. You really can not find any people in the developed world who do not have at least one of these devices. I have several of them myself and that is not anything unique. Most people have a smart phone and many of them have one of those and a tablet. I have a tablet that I use for a specific purpose, although it is not a very good one.