I Have More Time to Myself Now

I had been working in Santa Fe for a few months when I realized I needed to find a place closer to where I work. I was driving almost an hour each way, and that was just getting really tiresome. I would rather find a place to live that is closer and save those two hours for something a lot more fun than driving and sitting in traffic. I hadn’t looked at many different places before I knew that I wanted to fill out an application to live at the Las Palomas apartments in Santa Fe.

The best part about this apartment complex is that it is only a few miles from where I work. Instead of leaving at 6:30 in the morning to make sure I am there by 8, I can leave 15 minutes before my shift starts, and I still have time to get a cup of coffee on the way. Getting home is equally as nice since it takes me only five minutes usually. That is not the only nice thing about this apartment though. It is not expensive at all, but I get all sorts of perks with it.

There is a swimming pool that is so refreshing, especially after a long day at work. The fitness center can be used by anyone in the complex, and I always get a good workout there. I had never used any type of gym or fitness center before this, so I am pretty excited about it. The apartment is nice too. I have a small one bedroom unit, and it is more than enough for me. The rooms are large, and I have plenty of closet and cabinet space. I even have a dishwasher and fridge that are included. Time is so precious, and living here allows me to have more of it for myself.