I Realized It Was Time to Start Looking for Dates

It is not super easy being single at all. I have been divorced for about 4 years, and it gets downright lonely. I have always been in a relationship since college, so suddenly being without anyone for all these years had been hard. But I make do so that I don’t find myself getting too down about it. After all I have my Magic Wand and my magic wand attachments to keep me busy until I find the perfect person to spend the rest of my life with. That, and I have decided that I am going to spend some time getting out more to meet new people.

I have always met a lot of people in my workplace. But where I work now, there are mostly women. And the males are either married, or people that I really cannot see myself getting involved with to the point of going on a date with them. I really do not feel comfortable with asking around to see if anyone knows anyone they could set me up with either. Blind dates often do not work out well from what I have seen in my own life. And I do not want to upset any of my coworkers if I do not like the choice of dates they might try to introduce me to.

I decided that I would try an online dating site. I read up on which one seems to have the best people as members. It was pretty exciting to make a profile and then find that after reading it, other members began introducing themselves to me right away. Everyone was so nice. After about three weeks of being on the site, I decided to say yes to someone I had been talking to. After a lot of fun banter back and forth, we decided to meet for coffee. So far, we have dated three times since then, and I think it’s going well.