Installing a Security System in My New Home

I recently bought a new home in West Virginia. We moved here so that I could take advantage of a wonderful job opportunity. When I purchased my new home, I realized that there wasn’t a home security system installed. Living in such an isolated area, I really wanted to have an instant connection to the police and fire department in case something happened, so I began looking online for adt monitored home security in west virginia. I’m familiar with the company because we utilized them in our old home, so I felt secure know what to expect as far as the service was concerned.

I called the phone number I found and was connected with someone immediately. They were able to look up my past account information. All I had to do was update my address and contact information. They used my already established account, and were simply able to transfer everything over. That made it really convenient for me, because I didn’t have to worry about signing up with a new company.

They sent a technician to my house that same week. Someone else had cancelled, so I got lucky and they fit me in right away. Just like with the service I had with them prior to the move, they were in and out in no time at all. The technician was very professional, and made sure that I understood how everything worked before he left. This time around I decided to add security cameras to the system, which is something new for me. I feel like it gives me an added layer of security that I didn’t have before. I’m very happy that I decided to choose the same company to work with. Having peace of mind is priceless when it comes to safety and security, so it was definitely a wise investment.