Kenny is Sort of Acting Wild Lately

Of course when I say that I do realize that what Kenny is doing is actually a lot more normal than the guy usually is. I have known him since the two of us were in junior high school and that whole time he was always completely focused on academics and then on his career. So when I found out that he was paying for the girlfriend experience in Salt Lake City I was only a little bit surprised. In fact he seems to think that this is a cheap alternative to having a real wife or girlfriend, although that seems like weird math to me. Obviously I have no concept of the kind of money that he has ever since the IPO. The dude is 28 years old and he is probably worth a million bucks for every year that he has lived, at least on paper he is. In truth the money seems to have disconcerted him in ways. He had himself a plan and he was completely focused on it, but then he got everything that he wanted and it does not seem to fill up the emptiness.

At any rate Tina and I went over to see him last weekend and he was spending time with this girl. The two of them were watching TV, or she was and he was writing code on his laptop. The girl seemed to really be good at what she did, although what she did was the same thing that Tina does. I am sure that when you are paying her extremely well, then the results are probably guaranteed to turn out more like you would like them to turn out. At any rate she made us Fettuccine alfredo from scratch. Tina was impressed until I told her just how easy it was to make alfredo sauce.