Moving to an Online Business Was the Best Decision

When I first started thinking about getting an online presence, I knew that I would need some help. I am an expert online shopper, so I know how savvy a lot of the sites can be. I can do a bit on my own, but there was no way I could put together an online retail website with all the trimmings on my own. I knew that I would need to find a professional company that does ecommerce web design. I knew there were a few places right here in town that provides those services, so I started with them.

I learned from my first meeting that I needed to ask certain questions right up front. I had spent at least an hour or so explaining what I wanted, and then I was given a quote on the price. I am surprised I did not fall out of my chair! The price was thousands of dollars more than what I had budgeted, and I knew that I was going to have to change my way of approaching this. The other local companies were cheaper, but not by much! That is when I decided to head online to see if my answer was there.

I was able to find a company that has excellent reviews from different review sites I had looked at. I was also able to get a quote up front that did not make me want to fall over. I was able to look at different sites they have done, and I was really impressed with how savvy yet personal each of the sites were. That is when I knew I wanted them to do my own ecommerce website, and it is a decision that I credit for the success of my business now. Going online is the best decision I have ever made as far as business is concerned!