My First Experience Driving a Volvo Hooked Me for Life

Many years ago a friend of mine worked for a Volvo dealership in a nearby town. They were participating in a car show of new models at a mall. The cars were all driven inside the mall for people to see. My friend said he needed help moving the cars from the dealership to the mall. I was a teenager and got to drive a new Volvo into a mall. It was cool. Plus, I got my first experience of the quality of Volvo vehicles. Now I am buying a Volvo XC60 2018 many years later.

When I drove that first Volvo, I was very impressed. When I got in and closed the door, it was very quiet inside. The sound insulation surpassed any vehicle I had ever been in. It gave me a feeling of being sealed inside a protective space. I took some time to learn about Volvos since then. The detail they put into rustproofing the metal with multiple layers of coatings before the primer and paint got applied was impressive. Plus, the safety features make it a vehicle to consider for family use. The new Volvo vehicles have a nice shape that is familiar to US car customers.

I would prefer a more aggressive look. Maybe something with a more utilitarian look. However, I am in a class by myself when it comes to that. Most people like the sleek lines. I like a more aggressive styling to vehicles. However, it really is what is under the hood that matters the most. The engine, electronics, transmission and all the their connected components including the suspension is what really makes or breaks a vehicle. The Volvo has it going on under the hood. It suits our purposes as a family, and the Volvo XC60 2018 is a cool car for a solo driver too.