Not Missing out on Firefighter Training Even Though I Had Hurt My Back

I was in training to be a firefighter. I was the most fit that I have ever been in my life, but I was having back pain. I missed a step running up stairs with full gear and carrying stuff. I stumbled forward but recovered. I felt like I pulled something, but I kept on going. I did not favor the injury or stop. I did not want to have to repeat the training at a later date due to a medical disqualification. I went to a Santa Barbara chiropractor that afternoon when the training class was done for the day.

The doctor examined me and could not find any signs of any major issues going on where I would need to get to a hospital to see a medical doctor. My explanation of the shooting pains and it feeling like it was burning or zapping me fell in line with how one feels with some spinal misalignments. I got the electrical stimulation therapy on the muscles along with a massage, heat therapy and a spinal adjustment. I felt a whole lot better after the one visit. I went back every afternoon for a week. I needed to be in top shape to get through my final testing.

I was glad we had a couple of days with more class time instead of being outside running around wearing full turnout gear and carrying heavy stuff. By the time we resumed that portion of the training that included climbing and a lot of physical labor, my back was back to normal. No one ever knew the amount of pain I was in that day I hurt my back. The next day after my chiropractic treatment, the pain was a lot less but still there. If I had not went to the chiropractor, I would have had to retake the training at a future date.