Save a Bundle with Natures Domain

We tried Natures Domain Salmon and Sweet Potato dog food and it’s been an absolute smash hit with our dogs. We went through a period of economic turmoil in our home lately and decided we needed to cut out some of the expenses. We love our dogs, but they needed to tighten their belts (or their leashes?) along with the rest of the family. We’d been buying them some rather expensive chow for some time and decided it would be best to look for something tasty yet cheaper. We researched our options before settling on Natures Domain.

My wife and I were both surprised when our dogs absolutely went nuts over the new food. We could barely get the stuff out of the bag with them swirling around and trying to knock the bag and dishes away from us. They emptied their bowls so fast that we thought they would get sick from eating too fast! Nope, it’s just that they love this food in a way they never did with their previous diets. I don’t know what they put in this stuff, but it’s a magnet for the intended audience. Our dogs simply can’t get enough of this food.

It’s funny because when we first picked out the bag, I scoffed at the idea of sweet potato in dog food. That felt too much like marketing it the Millenial crowd or something. Just because you like some types of fancy food combinations doesn’t mean your dog is going to like it. Ok, we know they’ll eat just about anything that isn’t nailed down, but still. It just seemed ridiculous. The combination seemed odd as well. It sounded more like a gourmet dinner than something for the dogs. Yet here we are and they absolutely love it. We will definitely buy this brand again.