Some Insights About Today’s Farming Versus How Great Grandad Did It

My great grandfather used plow horses and oxen to prepare the ground for planting. He was successful at farming and bought up a lot of the surrounding land to farm as the technology of farming advanced. My grandfather and father did the same. However, they used various mechanized equipment to farm. I run the farm now and have millions of dollars worth of equipment and operate on a thin profit margin. My great grandfather could not plant a quarter of the land we now have if he plowed year round. Funny thing, but needing OEM agriculture equipment rubber seals is what got me thinking about my ancestors and this farm.

My great grandfather walked every inch of the land he plowed holding a handheld plow blade that was pulled by animals. That was when he was a boy. He got his first tractor when he was my age. He worked in the heat of the day, and I sit in a giant combine that has air conditioning and GPS-driven navigation. My big complaint was leaky door seals making a whistling sound as the air conditioner was running. Wow! I can’t imagine my grandfather complaining about anything. Don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot of time actually doing physical labor, but the planting and harvesting is largely mechanized now.

When I was online looking for OEM agriculture equipment rubber seals for the combine, I could imagine my great grandfather needing a new plow blade and maybe visiting a general store and looking at a farming catalog. If the plow handles broke, he would have just made new ones from a tree. Now we just buy new stuff. So much has changed from those days. Of course, mechanization has made it so a lot more people eat. Don’t get the wrong idea about farming either. Yes, the big equipment costs millions, and it really eats into the profits. Farmers with millions of dollars worth of farming equipment and land worth a fortune may be close to needing food stamps because their final income is so low.