Splitting Rent with a Friend

I learned just in time about the new apartments in Goodlettsville TN. A friend informed me that the apartments were available for rent, and that many people were moving in. I wanted to move into the apartments before all of the vacancies were full, but I didn’t have enough money to cover the cost of rent on my own. My friend came up with an idea that would work out for the both of us. My friend wanted to find a new place to live, but he also couldn’t afford to pay for rent by himself, so we decided to move in together.

Living with someone else that isn’t a relative is a different experience for me. I don’t have any siblings, so the only people that I’ve lived with have been my parents. Even in college, I only had a single. I’ve been so used to having things my way and not having to share anything with anyone. All of that changed when I moved in with my friend. We made up rules for the apartment and worked out who would do what chores during certain times. It’s a necessary order that we have so that one roommate doesn’t feel like they are doing more than the other.

Although I’d prefer to live alone, I actually like living with my friend. He’s a pretty cool and understanding guy, so we don’t disagree on many things. We hang out a lot and cook each other dinner, and in a way, it’s like having a brother. I’d rather share an apartment with him than some other random person who would probably either make up so many rules that I would butt heads with them, or be so disgusting that they would leave dirty clothes all over the apartment and dirty dishes stacked to the ceiling.