Switching to Direct TV for Football Season

Now that training camp has started, I am really getting excited for the upcoming football season. Football is far and away my favorite sport, and I wish that I could have played it when I was growing up. However, I suffer from a congenital spine condition that has kept me out of all contact sports. I have to get my football fix vicariously, and that means watching a lot of football. I want to find deals for Direct TV near you as I am pretty sure that they have packages for football fans.

What I am most interested in, is being able to watch pretty much every game that is played, throughout the entire season. There are 32 teams, and they all play 16 games. That means there are 16 times 16 games in the regular season. I am not very good at math, so I am not going to attempt to do the arithmetic in my head. But, it is clear that it is quite a significant number of games. Not as many as baseball, but I think that football is far more intriguing and captivating than baseball could ever hope to me. But that is an entirely different conversation.

One of the reasons why I am so keen on being able to watch as many football games as possible, is that I am a huge fan of fantasy football, and I like to be able to watch the action unfold in real time, when it comes to fantasy match-ups. I am going to be a member of four different fantasy leagues this upcoming season. There is quite a bit of money on the line, and that is another reason for me to watch as any games as possible. I need to see players to evaluate their talents and make personnel decisions.