The New Futura in Singapore is the Latest in New Building Designs in Singapore

If you have ever been to the island of Singapore, you have probably been amazed at how an urban area can have so many natural areas where there are trees and grass and water features. Well, when you are on an island, you plan it into the infrastructure. There are so many buildings with parks with lawns and trees built into the buildings themselves. Some are on the roof, some take up space in the building on a platform that juts out over the city below. The new Futura in Singapore is one of the latest structures to be part of a condo development project.

I have seen buildings where water surrounds them. You walk across foot bridges to get inside. I have seen massive swimming pools with man made islands you can swim out to that are covered in grass and trees. There are a lot of people in Singapore, so these places are like retreats to get away from others. Can you imagine working in a building on a mid-level floor and then taking the elevator up to go to a swimming pool or to enjoy time laying on the grass reading a book?

Some buildings in Singapore are multi-use buildings. They have residences and offices and other spaces such as retail. Theoretically you could live your entire life in a building. You could work on one floor, live on another, shop on another, go to a restaurant or doctor’s office on another and so on and so on. Oh, and you could go sit under a tree at a picnic table on the roof after a swim in an infinity pool.

Just being able to see structures like that shows the ingenuity and creativity people have. It is encouraging to see. Singapore is even adding to its land mass by dumping rocks and earth out into the ocean to expand its shores. This is an interesting project to make the country bigger and able to hold more buildings and people. The new Futura in Singapore is aptly named.