This Way Helped Everyone out

I needed to get the word out fast about a liquidation sale. The location I had been leasing for several years was going to be unavailable, and it came as a shock to everyone, including myself. Finding a new location was really not a problem, but we did not want to take all of our inventory with us. It would be cheaper to offload it to customers and start fresh. I decided to go the route of Singapore door to door flyer distribution because it was going to be not only the easiest way to announce our move but also the quickest too.

I had my design team create a flyer, which did not take too long at all. Next, I contacted a company that prints flyers. I wanted this particular company because the flyer is on both sides of a sheet, and I knew that they did this type of printing. I also know they do quality work. I was happy to find out that they will do not only the printing but the distribution of the flyers as well in whatever region I want them handed out in.

I had used this printer before, but the flyers were always to put in an existing customer’s bag of purchased goods right at the store. I liked that they would go out into the neighborhood and make sure everyone in the area got a flyer. This method worked too because we had crowds at our doors the following three days, which were the sales dates listed on the flyers. We were able to sell the majority of our inventory at a price that made the customers happy. As for us, we were happy we did not have to move all of the product to a new location. This way really helped everyone out!