UK Web Design Expert Helped Me Build an Information Website to Earn Me Money

There is still money to be made on the Internet without having to sell what I refer to as real goods. If you look at the auction sites or the retail sites they are selling products that need to be shipped to customers. Even things such as Mp3 files are a good the customer gets. They just get it through downloading. I had an idea for selling access to information, but I needed a UK web design expert to build me a secure site.

I have about 30 years of experience in a hobby that evolves over time. It is ancient in its origins, but very popular among enthusiasts today. There are books about it and even instructional DVDs. Those forms are kind of static not evolving as technology and products change. It is both art and gardening. It is making Bonsai trees. You know, those little trees that look so much like their full size counterparts.

Rather than sell products, I wanted to sell how-to information. I especially wanted to sell my expertise on dealing with problems with the craft that often take hobbyists years of experience to acquire. I wanted a UK web design expert to build me a website that I could maintain and adapt as new information and products come to light. I had an idea for a paid model where you access information as needed for a very low price for each topic. If you want to know how to deal with fungus on a ficus bonsai, then you pay a little to access the cures. This way hobbyists can invest in learning as their interests and needs develop in the hobby.

This is more in line with how this art traditionally works. Rather than a big encyclopedic book that overwhelms with information, students should learn by doing. Then they ask for help from experts when there is a problem. Do and learn and learn and do is the model. My website needed to reflect that ideology to be truly in line with how I celebrate this unique art form. Plus, I did want to earn money for sharing my expertise with the masses. After all, it costs money to do any hobby.