Waiting for Cyber Monday for a Deal

I bought a new tablet last year. I had not planned on getting one, but the Cyber Monday deal I got then was just too good to pass up. I have really enjoyed using it this last year too. That is why I was so upset when I dropped it last week and a big crack developed on the screen. It still works, but that crack is so distracting when I am playing one of my games on it. Thankfully, I will be able to look at the best Cyber Monday tablet deals for this coming shopping season very soon.

I could go out and buy one at one of the local stores around here because it seems like every major store sells something like this now. However, I saw the prices that I would have to pay if I was to pay regular price for one. Even if I got one on sale, the price would not come down that much. I knew for that, I would need to wait until Cyber Monday and just grab another deal like I did this last year. I am actually getting pretty excited about it for a couple of different reasons.

The main one is because while I do love my tablet a lot, I wished that I had gotten a bigger one. While I still wish mine had not cracked, I am pretty excited about being able to buy a bigger sized tablet now. Also, with the money that I will save from my Cyber Monday deal for a new tablet, I am going to be able to use that for a couple of smaller things that I want. I expect significant savings, so I think that I will be able to get everything on my list on Cyber Monday rather than just a tablet if I paid full price now.