We Got a Luxury Apartment in Uptown Dallas for About What We Were Paying for Our Old Apartment

When we were looking for a new apartment, my wife and I decided, on a whim, to go ahead and look at some apartments for rent in Uptown Dallas. These are luxury apartments, and we thought that they had to be beyond our budget for a place to live. I mean, we walked into the apartment, and it had ceilings that were nine feet high. There was no cramped feeling at all. It was all open and bright and airy. It was like a mansion, even though it was an apartment. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, and the interior doors are eight foot high. The flooring is made out of porcelain planks.

This place even includes a washer and dryer in the apartment. I talked with the agent inquiring about the rent, fees and deposit. It was not much more than what we were paying already. I was really surprised at how close it was to the lease amount we were paying for a much inferior apartment. My eyes got big, and my wife punched me in the arm. That is her way of emphasizing how she could not believe what she was hearing. We both asked the agent to repeat the amounts to make sure we heard right.

We were walking back to our car when we decided to turn around and walk back to the office and put a deposit down along with our application for the apartment we saw. We had no need to shop around any further for a different apartment in the Dallas area. We had found what we were looking for the first day we went out looking for apartments for rent in Uptown Dallas. We could hardly wait to move in. We were very excited to be getting an apartment that is so nice with so many luxury amenities.