We Just Started Work on a New Shop

It was a real shock to see the place for the first time. I turned on the lights and I nearly leapt back out on the sidewalk. There were bugs all over the place in this place and I quickly realized that some person or persons had been camping out in the place. They had left behind a lot of trash and the bugs were living off of it. So I had to Google exterminators in the city and contact them to figure out who could come in the soonest. Obviously we do not want to get to work at the same time as some guy is spraying poison all over the place. We got to working on the clean up, but we did not start the rest of the work until the exterminator had come in and sprayed the stuff that he was using. We left the building to him, because none of us had any desire to breathe this stuff with no reason.

We got the place ready in record time actually, even though there was a lot of stuff to move in the place. It was rather easy in reality because there is a great loading dock at the back of the building and because the landlord had already knocked down the interior walls. They had previously believed that they had a deal with a different tenant and had began to carry out a renovation, but this had fallen through. It made everything much simpler for us, although we are going to need to put in some office walls at some future point. At this point it is not so pressing a matter. I am going to be doing every little thing, so the paperwork is just going to be one small part of it and I will have to deal with the lack of privacy.