We Knew What Was Underneath the Red Blisters of Acne

Our daughter is absolutely beautiful. Everyone of our friends and family and even people on the street have commented on her beauty. This was before she reached her teen years. Then, at 13, she got a bad case of acne. We were worried about scarring. We knew how she looked underneath those angry red blisters on her face, neck, trunk area and arms. We went to an aesthetic medical clinic to get her treated to control the acne and prevent, or at least minimize, the potential scarring. The doctor told us that getting her there early on was helpful.

She went through various treatments to stop the acne and prevent scarring. When she was finally out of that stage of her life, her skin cleared up and looked as smooth as silk. The former beauty she had as a child was magnified exponentially now that she was almost an adult woman. The big thing is how she acted through it all. She was not worried even if she did have some residual scarring caused by acne. She told us over and over again how real beauty is what is inside a person. It is how people act and treat one another, not the symmetry of their faces, the shine of their hair or the sparkle of straight teeth.

I think those qualities are what make her outer beauty shine even more. There are models and actors that are pretty, but some of them are not nice people. Our daughter is the complete package of inner and outer beauty. A lot of guys pursue her for her outer looks. She, on the other hand, was looking for a guy who has inner strength and beauty. Her boyfriend is not what you would call a knockout in the looks department. He is just average there, but he is an extraordinary person. I am so happy she has the attitudes about life that she has.