We Think That Staying Right Where We Are is the Best Plan for Us

Just before my husband and I got engaged, he told me that the company he worked for would send him overseas at some point. He wondered if I would be okay with that if we were to be married. I was fine with it, and I’ve now learned that it has been the best thing for us to live overseas! We’re now living in the New Futura Condo building, and I’m very sure that I am not interested in going back home to our home country any time soon! Living here with him in Singapore has been an adventure that I never dreamed I would get to take part in. We are having a baby in a few months, and I’m excited that we will have a new family member to share in this new life with us soon.

Before I got married, I already knew that my then-boyfriend traveled for work a lot. He would often fly home once per month to see me. Days later, he often needed to jump back on yet another airplane to travel somewhere else again. He surprised me when he told me that he would be living in Singapore for about 2 years. After I told him that I would follow him anywhere, he asked me to marry him. A month later, we were on an airplane headed toward our new life. It has been a whirlwind of me getting to know the country both alone and with him during his free time.

Just before his first contract here was set to expire, his boss asked my hus band if he minded staying another 3 years. We discussed it and neither one of us wanted to leave. So, he’s signed a second contract. If his company chooses not to keep him here after the new, 3-year contract is up, we have decided to stay here permanently anyway. This is what led us to buy a condo recently in the New Futura building that we had been interested in for so long. We think it would be great for our future child to grow up here as well.