Which Diet Plan Should I Choose?

Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem? Which diet plan should I choose. That became an important question after I went through my last pregnancy and noticed the pounds didn’t melt off after I gave birth. My two other children came out and I had no problem losing the weight. The last one was more problematic. I think it happened because I’m a few years older now and we all pack on the pounds as the years go by. A more serious problem is that I had gestational diabetes with this child. That’s a condition that went away after giving birth, but it scared me.

Obviously, I need to lose some weight and keep it off. That meant going on some sort of diet, but I knew nothing about any of the popular diet plans. Do they work? Which ones work better? And how much do they cost? That’s why I went online and started doing some serious research. I wanted to know how much the plan I would pick would cost and I wanted to know if it would work. Money is tight and I wasn’t about to spend a lot of money on something that I couldn’t stick with over the long haul.

I found a site that compared what are arguably the two best known plans and dug in for facts and information. I appreciated the in depth and impartial review and found that the site gave me enough information to make an informed decision. It was also interesting to learn that both of these plans have been around for decades. I think both would work well as long as you stuck to the plan and didn’t cheat with sugary treats and lots of carbs. Ultimately I went with Nutrisystem because it’s cheaper and I can’t wait to start shedding the pounds!