You’re Free to Choose Power

Thanks to Texas Deregulation, residents in Texas are able to freely choose whichever power company they would look to fill their needs. This means that consumers are able to shop around and find the best possible price to fit their budget. After such economically difficult years, this is the sort of freedom that I look forward to. Moving from Kentucky to Texas was an intense transition with this being one of the many little changes that were both surprising and pleasant to say the least! As a consume I appreciate the ability to choose what I want. Being able to shop through plans for my power was a unique experience that allowed me to fine tune my budget for the year.

When I was younger I would have never imagined myself coming to live here in Texas. It’s simply a place that I never gave much thought to and when I did think about it, all I could imagine were men in cowboy hats, deserts and of course Mexico. At the time it didn’t have much that was entirely appealing. With practically half the neighborhood coming to greet me and welcome me to the neighborhood, I think I can pretty much say that I am going to be very happy here.

I hope that my time in Texas continues to be as blissful as the past four months have been. I’ve never quite felt so much at home anywhere else before and with all the perks that have come to be associated with the state, I think I would very much like to stay here for some time. At least a couple of more years after I finish school. With my budget finally in a place that I can put back money for my savings, Texas is the place for me.